PUMA Wild Rider Rollin Sneakers - Blue Fog/ White (381517-05)

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99,50 €
• Puma® Sneakers Women Collection
• Style: Wild Rider Rollin’
• Color: Blue Fog/ White
• Style # 381517-05
• Regular Fit
• Low Boot
• Upper: Nylon with Suede Overlays and TPU Eyelet
• Lace Closure
• Puma® Formstrip at Both Sides
• Tongue with Suede Lace Keeper
• PU Coated Leather Heel Puller
• Cat Logo at Heel and Tongue
• IMEVA Midsole/ Rubber Outsole

Born to express your coolness. Wild Rider Trainers by Puma® are a fresh take of the iconic model. A design blending athletic chic with multi color layers for eye catching looks. A dynamic silhouette for city walks. These kicks are built to take you hip individuals to the next level of streetstyle. Meet the famous trend setter of sports wear industry. The maker of legendary items with significant influence in modern lifestyle.
The Concept Store is authorized point of sale in Ioannina, Greece.
A Style for Every Story. Streetwear Shop for the Urban Slackers Generation since 1969.

• Color Migration May Occur Due to the Nature of the Material


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