LEE Botanical Print Tee Men - Black (L61I-FE-01)

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• Lee® Jeans Men Tops Collection • Style: Botanical Print T-Shirt • Color: White • Style # L61I-FE-01 • Regular Fit • Crew Neck • Short Sleeve • Floral Graphic with Logo Print • 100% cotton
Lee® Botanical Tee is perfect for cool summer looks. Built for every day use, it is made to complete casual or lifestyle outfits. Made in standard cut, with floral graphic print across the chest. Meet the legendary denim brand, with many years of experience in producing quality clothing. Each season, the label provides a collection that represents the latest trends in streetwear. The Online Shop is authorized point of sale in Ioannina, Greece. A Style for Every Story. Where Urban Slackers meet Streetwear since 1969.
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Brand Lee
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