LEE Button Thru Wide Leg Jeans - Dark Drape (L30G-RC-ND)

Lee® Button Thru Wide Leg Women Jeans are the must have piece for the season. The ultimate bottom for urban hip persons that know how to gain attention. An eye catching, vintage inspired design reworked for contemporary outfits. A style embracing 90’s, built to make a fashion statement. Crafted of non stretch fabric with wide parallel leg, high waist and visible button fly in blue, clean finish. A denim bottom easy to mix with street outfits, born to rock the streets by the iconic American brand. Meet Lee® Jeans, a company with long time experience in the clothing industry. It produces a broad portfolio representing every segment of casualwear. Each collection is made to express your unique personality & to satisfy the needs of contemporary lifestyle. The Online Shop is authorized retailer in Ioannina, Greece. A Jean for Every Story. Streetwear Shop for Urban Slackers since 1969.
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Brand Lee
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