PUMA RS-X³ WildCats Women Sneakers - Pale Khaki/ White (373953-01)

Puma® RS-X³ Wild Cats Women Trainers are built for contemporary urban outfits, ready to elevate street looks to unseen highs. These kicks are born to walk on the wild side with a combination of furry animal prints, suede overlays & colorful pieces in the sole. A fresh and fierce design with futuristic aesthetic made for cosmopolitans that stand out of the crowd. The ultimate shoes for unique persons in love with fashion. Meet Puma®, a leader in sportswear industry, famous around the globe. A brand that stood the test of time and maker of many iconic pieces that shaped modern pop culture. Each season, the company presents a lifestyle collection of sneakers updated with fresh styles. Each models is made of top quality materials, honoring the heritage of the brand & representing the latest hype. The Concept Store is authorized retailer in Ioannina, Greece. A Style for Every Story. Streetwear Shop for Urban Slackers since 1969.
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Brand Puma
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