PCP Leggings Jacqueline - Dark Blue Shiny (JA-111)

39,00 €
• PCP Leggings • Style Jacqueline • Color: Dark Blue Shiny • SKU # JA-111 • Tight Fit • One Size, fits from XS to XL • High Waist • Extra Strong Seems, suitable for all activities • PVC Pochette Packaging • Made in Greece • 82% polyamide, 18% elastane • Extra Life Lycra Fabric
PCP Clothing is a Greek Fashion Brand, which is well known in the fashion market for the PCP leggings. PCP delivers leggings in a broad range, including various colors and prints in shiny or glittering finishes. PCP collection also includes fashion tops and beachwear. PCP products are well fitted, produced of quality fabrics, suitable for every activity and easy to wear with any outfit.
The Online Concept Store supports Young Greek Talented Fashion Designers. PCP Leggings point of sale in Ioannina, Greece.
Where Urban Slackers meet lifestyle and streetwear fashion.


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