Order Acceptance

The online shop https://www.denimlounge.gr/ is making every effort i) to provide to the user/ customer a correct and in full presentation of available products and ii) to update immediately the stock quantities available for sale.

However, in cases of force majeure or for reasons of typographical errors (misspell/ misprint) or due to technical errors, the “Company” reserves the right to deny the acceptance of a customer's requested order. For that reasons, the CONFIRMATION EMAIL that will be sent by the “Company” indicates the final acceptance of your requested order. Otherwise, the “Company” will have to inform by mail the consumer about the reasons that is unable to fulfill the requested order.

The procedure of purchasing a product from the online store https://www.denimlounge.gr/ is the following: The visitor/ user of the website adds the product(s) he/ she wants to the “Shopping Cart” and then proceeds to the “Checkout”. The checkout process can be completed i) by storing your name, delivery address, email and telephone number etc. or ii) by login to your existing account. During the process, the consumer/ user will be informed for the total cost of the order including any shipping costs and possible discounts and will have to select a form of payment (See METHODS OF PAYMENT). Please note that the value of the products, services and transportation costs which are displayed on the site https://www.denimlounge.gr/ are the final prices including VAT.

Subsequently, the consumer will be informed by the system for the successful placement of his/ her order and he/ she will receive within 1 working day a CONFIRMATION EMAIL to his/ her email address that will notify and confirm the final acceptance of the order and also include the shipping number of the order.

In the event of a cancellation or non-acceptance of an order by https://www.denimlounge.gr/, then the total amount possibly paid (depending on the selected method of payment) will be refunded in full.