Transactions Safety

The “Company” considers as very important issues:

i) the privacy of the personal data of the users of the online shop and
ii) the safe navigation until the final placement of an order.

For that reason, it takes security measures by using advanced methods of protection. In more detail, the “Company” uses the high security protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is considered as one of the safest certification system for web sites and ensures the confidential transfer of personal data. In more detail, every time the user/ consumer stores personal data or creates a personal account or log in to his/ her account, the SSL certification system encrypts the data transmitted providing security.

The user/ consumer that has created a personal account in our online shop is exclusively responsible for the safekeeping of his/ her username and password, in order to avoid illegal or non-authorized use of the Webpage’s services from a third party. Furthermore, in order to provide additional security to the user, the user/ consumer has the option of changing his/ her “Password” regularly. In the event that your password is lost or the user suspects that the password is leaked to third parties, we strongly urge you to contact and inform us by phone. In any case the “Company” holds no responsibility for the use of your password by an unauthorized party.

Please note that for security reasons, the online shop suggests:

  • to avoid the use of easily recognizable passwords (e.g. phone number, birth of date etc.),
  • to avoid the use of similar passwords with others websites
  • to change your passwords on a regularly basis and
  • to use a combination of lowercase, capital letters, numbers and symbols in the creation of your preferred “Password”.